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Have We Forgotten What We Have All Been Taught?

Father and Child at US Border, AP imaage “Let the children come unto me…It is not the will of my Father who is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish... Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me...” Jesus, Christian, quoted in Matthew 18 “Give justice to the [...]

Wholeness and Courage

Wholeness and Courage   A quote from Marsha Sinetar: “…Wholeness exists to the extent an individual is conscious of and receptive to his innermost self…When we think about our own growth we probably think simultaneously of two co-existing and equally necessary elements: self-knowledge (i.e. knowing who the self within us really is and awakening to the [...]

Dancing With a Tornado: An Easter Story, by Glenda Taylor

Today, a week after the occasion of my 80th birthday celebration, which was a Dances of Universal Peace Four Day Camp at Earthsprings Retreat Center, my heart, mind, and body are still vibrating with the energy of the time some fifty people spent together dancing, singing, praying, eating, laughing,  and most of all, being [...]

The Bottom Line, a poem by Glenda Taylor

The Bottom Line, by Glenda Taylor You see, it’s like this, sort of: Because I experience Something-That-Is, Awestruck, I respond and in so doing, I learn, and relearn, deliciously, gratefully, that: This Something-That-Is transcends (but does not negate) definition or description. Knowing that is so, strangely unable to remain fittingly silent, I speak to whatever it [...]

Translations of Sacred Chant

The syllables or sounds in sacred chant cannot be translated literally for several reasons.  The simplest is the familiar one:  much is always “lost in translation.”  What is lost in translation of sacred chant is its most important aspect: mystical or spiritual understanding. 1)  There are stories, legends, traditions, beliefs, history, etc. behind every word [...]

Creating and Experiencing Meaningful Personal Ceremony, by Glenda Taylor

The following is taken from the recording of a series of talks over a weekend workshop that I gave years ago to a small group of people whom I knew well and therefore with whom I felt confident sharing these sometimes personal thoughts.  In transcribing the recordings, all the sessions were put together without noting where [...]

Navajo Nation Reacts to Children at Border

I am currently camping out near the Four Corners area of Colorado.  I picked up a Navajo Nation newspaper, and I noted an article citing the Navajo Nation's reaction to the current border crisis in the U.S.  I excerpt portions of it here as a historial reference that helps us see things through another lense.  [...]

My Concern For The Children, by Glenda Taylor

My Concern For The Children, by Glenda Taylor   South Texas Border - U.S. Customs and Border Protection in 2014; Photo by Eddie Perez and US Dept. of Homeland Security, Public Domain. When my third grandson was born with a critical heart defect, I entered the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where he was clinging [...]

A Grandmother’s Prayer for Young Men, by Glenda Taylor

A Grandmother’s Prayer for Young Men, by Glenda Taylor   Oh, Great and Good Spirit, behold these many young men, especially those just coming into their adulthood in a world so confusing, when what it means to be a man is everywhere challenged and redefined. In this unanchored world, give them grace to know their inner [...]

“What We Want, We Have,” an excerpt from Huston Smith’s “The World Religions”

Hinduism and the Meaning of the Self, an excerpt from Huston Smith: “…Pleasure, success, responsible discharge of duty, and liberation—we have completed the circuit of what people think they want and what they want in actuality.  This takes us back to the staggering conclusion with which our survey of Hinduism began.  What people want, that [...]