Woods via Pixabay

Always life presents us with such a mix of things, sometimes wonderful, sometimes chaotic or fearful, always, it seems paradoxical.  Here are a few quotes about the mystery that is at the heart of creation.  May you, this day, find peace and joy in the always present beauty, abundance, and diversity that is the Great Mystery.  Glenda Taylor

“To believe fully and at the same moment to have doubts is not at all a contradiction: it presupposes a greater respect for truth, an awareness that truth always goes beyond any thing that can be said or done at any given moment.” Psychoanalyst Rollo May

“I must confess to you in all honesty, that for me, God is and has always been absolute mystery.” German theologian Karl Rahner

“That which does the seeing cannot be seen; that which does the hearing cannot be heard; and that which does the thinking cannot be thought.” Ancient Hindu text from The Vedas.

“Spiritual awareness is born of encounters with the mystery.” Rabbi Lawrence Kushner

“No words can describe it
No example can point to it.
Samsara does not make it worse.
Nirvana does not make it better.
It has never been born.
It has never ceased.
It has never been liberated.
It has never been deluded.
It has never existed.
It has never been nonexistent.
It has no limits at all.
It does not fall into any kind of category.”
Buddhist meditation master and poet Dudjom Rinpoche

“The highest truth cannot be put into words. Therefore the greatest teacher has nothing to say. He simply gives himself in service, and never worries.” Ancient Taoist philosopher Lao Tse