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Ancestry: Contemporary: Podcast: Reflections on Heritage, Place, People, Reconciliation

Podcast:  Heritage, Place, People, Reconciliation In this podcast, Glenda Taylor dives deep into the complex and fascinating history of the area along the Sabine River in the late 17th and [...]

Ancestry: Surnames: William Barker, Early Virginia Mariner and Colonist

William Barker, a mariner, had by 1624 been back and forth between England and America several times.  He is referred to as "William Barker, Mariner,"  but he is also referred to as a “Merchant [...]

Ancestry: Surnames: Burges In England Prior to American Colonization: Part 1

Burges in England prior to colonization in the Americas. Burges in England prior to North American colonization include knights, barons, land holders, ordinary husbandmen, distinguished civil servants, tradesmen, a surprising and fascinating number of [...]

Ancestry: Surnames: Burges in England Prior to American Colonization, Part 2

At the end of the previous segment of this manuscript,  as is usual when making genealogical connections, we leaped ahead of ourselves to bring in the Burge-Bray connection.  We’ll keep the Bray connection in [...]

Ancestry: Virginia Until 1625: Early English Settlement in Virginia Along Rivers

Earliest English Settlement in Virginia Was Along the Rivers Almost all the early settlement in the Virginia colony was located along one of the many rivers and creeks that fed into the Chesapeake Bay.  [...]

Choosing Jamestown as the Site of the First Permanent English Settlement in North America

Considerations that Shaped the Choosing the Site of Jamestown in 1607 “…Contrary to the impression that will be gained from many of our modern textbooks, the Virginia Company represented much more than the commercial [...]

Ancestry: Governmental Documents: First English Charter for American Colonization1606

10 April 1606   King James I of England chartered two Virginia Companies, headquartered in different cities in England, to establish colonies along the coast of North America, “which are not now actually possessed [...]

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