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Glenda Taylor, in the 78 years of her amazing life, has led workshops and retreats and has lectured widely to diverse groups on topics ranging in scope from history to poetry, from spirituality to psychology, from current events to cross-cultural mythology, from cultural traditions to individual creativity.  During that time she has created and collected a large body of wisdom that is being digitized onto this website.  Glenda is also Director of the Fellowship of Comparative Religion and Earthsprings Retreat Center.

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Latest Posting: Spring!

Perplexity via Pixabay CC.0

Our woods are full of dogwoods, all scattered here and there in the forest around us, whiteness blossoming amongst the vivid spring green of the new leaves on oaks and the rich dark needles of the pines.

I love this time of year.  I walk on the dirt road to the mailbox, looking all about me and above me, and I fairly hum with delight.

How can I not?  The earth herself is bursting forth with new life!  And I am too!  I am about to have a birthday!  I will turn eighty in a few days.  How amazing!  Alive still, and in some ways again blossoming with new hopes and dreams and plans…

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Wisdom comes in many categories on this website, including history and culture, mythology and pyschology, spirituality and ecology, poetry and imagery, quotations and commentary, and much more…Register on our secure server to receive updates and participate fully on this website!




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Current Podcast

The Current Podcast, “Spirit Dog,” explores the subject of wildness and takes a look at the ambivalence we feel in the face of true wildness.  Glenda Taylor concludes this podcast with a poem about an experience with a wild creature who came to be with her for a time.

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"When skepticism mates with longing, mysticism is born."  F. W. Nietzsche

From the Archive: “Why Did He Do That?” by Glenda Taylor

“Why did he do that?”

I hear that question a lot these days, about any number of so-called deviant behaviors. For most of us, answering it seems somehow more and more urgently important.

We do, after all, live in a time when, for example, gun sales are reaching record highs as a result of a whole variety of fears, and when polarization dominates our political and social life, terrorism becomes a universal concern, suicide is more common, and increasing numbers of aggressive or paranoid behaviors on the part of, say, football players or wounded warriors or police are now said to be the result of such things as brain concussions, PTSD, etc.

So, in our desperation and frustration in the face of all these overwhelmingly complex issues, we may be forgiven if we ask this universal question, if we cry out, “Why?”  Why did he (or she) do that, do any particular thing, say any particular thing we can’t comprehend?

I do not pretend to have the “right” answer, not to anything, for I hold in deepest respect the mysterious given nature of things, and I am inclined to want always to see many sides to any one issue. So I rarely speak out, especially with an exact formula for answering any question, and I will not do that here. But I do have something to say…

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The first flush of spring.


“Glenda Taylor is gifted as a discerning scholar and an engaging teacher, sharing the wisdom found within humanity’s ancient and modern spiritual traditions and making them applicable in today’s evolving world.”  Dawn Warren, Spiritual Retreat Leader, Educator

“Glenda Taylor’s teachings opened my eyes to the depth, beauty, and truth in all spiritual practices. Seeing the world as interconnected and multifaceted, with the richness of differing perspectives, has become the foundation of how I view the world and my place in it.”  Jean Friedman, Educator

“It has been my good fortune to have known Glenda Taylor for almost 30 years. A world class teacher and writer, her vast knowledge and gentle demeanor are a gift to all. She is truly one of a kind.”  Carol Henderson, Art Dealer, Writer, Ranch Owner


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