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Glenda Taylor, in the 80 years of her amazing life, has led workshops and retreats and has lectured widely to diverse groups on topics ranging in scope from history to poetry, from spirituality to psychology, from current events to cross-cultural mythology, from cultural traditions to individual creativity.

During that time she has created and collected a large body of wisdom that is being digitized onto this website.

The support of those interested in her work makes possible this extensive website.

You are invited to explore the posts, videos, podcasts, quotations, images and courses to be found here.

Glenda is also Director of the Fellowship of Comparative Religion and of Earthsprings Retreat Center.


Bread via Pixabay CCO

Just now I sat down with a steamy cup of tea and a thick, toasted slice of the homemade brown bread I made yesterday.  What fun it had been to get my hands into that big bowl of dough, to knead and fold the hearty, whole-grain, organic ingredients until they had just that right texture and feel, and then to set the bowl on a metal trivet on top of the woodburning stove with its warming fire crackling underneath, and to watch the dough rise once, be punched down, and then rise again, more quickly than ever I’ve seen bread rise before.  Turns out the woodburning stove with a fire inside is just the right place for bread to rise—that is, if it’s a cloudy day so that there is no sun on that usual spot on the window ledge where the kiss of the sun seems to give the bread a special blessing.  Later yesterday, as the bread baked in the oven, the aroma that filled the house was everything that reminds me of wholeness and home and safety and well-being.

Then today, just now, as I slathered butter on the thick slice of toast and settled in with my hot tea to savor this moment of silence and peace here at Earthsprings, I was reminded, suddenly and sharply, of all those in this world who are hungry and without even a sliver of bread, or for whom one slice of any bread might be the only meal in their whole day.

How easy it is for me, for any of those in my bit of the world, where we sometimes can’t make up our minds between dark chocolate mousse or strawberry shortcake or gluten free apple crisp, between the latest recipe from the food channel on tv with extra-healthy, and extra-pricey ingredients  or a favorite recipe from grandma’s old cookbook that is full of carbs, fat, and/or sugar but is always so delicious.  How easy it is for us to forget, meal by meal, that there are, in fact, many, many people in the world who are hungry, hungry for food of any kind at all and who have no choices at all.

So, just now, I had to pause and say a prayer for those people who know hunger; I thought how they would sit and savor this one slice of bread, and I said to myself, “I eat this bread on their behalf; may they somehow be nourished as I am nourished, and may the circumstances that cause their suffering be relieved.  And may I become more and more aware of the ways in which my life and actions affect others’ well-being, for good or ill.”

Then I ate my toast and drank my tea, appreciating so deeply each bite and each sip, holding the taste on my tongue longer than usual, offering its nourishment to my body’s health, as I also offered my attention to a world where I am not separate from any other thing, knowing that “the bread of life” may be available to all of us if we all become more conscious of our own responsibilities to each other in this inter-dependent world we live in.  May we, each of us, rise up, like the bread rose, and like the song says, “a thousand times and more, may we rise up” to care for each other’s needs and health and wholeness.

I hope your day is filled with nourishment of all kinds and that your goodness is spread far and wide.



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The Combat of Ares and Athena, Jacque Louis David, Louvre, Paris

Introducing A New Online Video Course: 

“In Defense of Civilization”

In this eight-part video course, Glenda Taylor challenges us to look at our current world situation in the light of ancient wisdom—the Greek myths of Ares, the god of war, and Athena, the defender of civilization.

Two powerful conflicting tendencies within the human psyche are examined in the course–the impulse that tends toward controversy and aggression, or the impulse toward maintaining peaceful and civilized relationships.

Lessons include eight videos in which viewers will encounter commentary by ancient and modern interpreters of these archetypal motifs, ventures into history and psychology, and hundreds of images created by the finest artists of all times, all helping to deepen our experience.

Each video is followed by supplementary material, including commentary by people like James Hillman, Plato, Edith Hamilton, Hesiod, Joseph Campbell and others, as well as a look at these issues through the lenses of other cultures’ myths, questions and suggestions for reflection or discussion, an opportunity to interact with the course instructor, Glenda Taylor, and much more.

This course offers new insight and new tools for dealing with conflict of any kind–in the culture, in relationships, or anywhere else that conflict occurs.  It also reveals time-tested strategies and values to solve many of the conflicts.  And it promises to entertain and educate us in the process!

About Current Podcast

In the current podcast, “Holiness, Hallucinations, and Visions,” Glenda Taylor shares her reflections on what happened to her during a recent hospital stay, an experience that has deepened her life in fundamental ways.



“Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.”  Socrates

From the Archive: Four Corners

“I stand, silent and in awe, before the mystery and uniqueness of each tradition and each individual and hold them sacrosanct in their way of being.”  Glenda Taylor

Photo Credit: Glenda Taylor; CC2.0

I am spending a brief time of rest, renewal, and reflection in the area of the United States called Four Corners. Here the “corners” of four states touch: Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah. Here, too, different topographical regions touch: towering mountains dip rapidly down to high desert, the temperature dropping ten degrees in a matter of twenty minutes driving time.

Here too there is the meeting of a diversity of cultures. On the street corners of Durango, for example…

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