Glenda Taylor is often simply referred to as Grandmother Glenda by the many people who know her and give her this ancient title of respect because of her lifelong commitment to life itself. She is Director of the Fellowship of Comparative Religion and of the Earthsprings Retreat Center. She has had a prison ministry, a personal counseling practice, and has lectured widely to diverse groups on cross-cultural mythology, psychology, and spirituality. Glenda leads spiritual retreats, women’s studies programs, studies of Native American practices, and other events. She is the author of numerous articles and a book of poetry.

The Fellowship of Comparative Religion, which Glenda directs, is an organization committed to the idea that every spiritual tradition contains riches of wisdom and that some of the practices of every religion, each in its own way, points toward the One Great Spirit. It is the Fellowship’s position, and Glenda’s, that it is the privilege and duty of each of us to seek to learn as much as we can about all traditions, thereby increasing our own personal wisdom and spiritual depth, as well as broadening our respect and tolerance for others. Along with its respect for commonly recognized religious traditions (such as Christianity or Buddhism), the Fellowship acknowledges and honors other currently less dominant traditions, such as Native American spiritual ways, nature and earth-centered traditions, and other traditions–ancient and modern.  Visit the Fellowship website at

Glenda Taylor also is director of Earthsprings Retreat Center, a secluded 63-acre hideaway nestled into the edge of Davy Crockett National Forest, located about two hours north of Houston. In addition to group retreats held at Earthsprings, Glenda hosts individuals, couples, or families who come for periods of solitary retreat to rejuvenate and heal from the chaos of the ordinary world.  See more about Earthsprings at

Glenda writes:  “Over the 85 years of my extraordinary life, I have reflected upon and shared my experiences and interests, ranging in scope from history to poetry, from spirituality to psychology, from current events to videography, from cross-cultural mythology to individual creativity. My writings and videography have accumulated, filling several file cabinets and computers. This website, provided for me by some of my young supporters, allows me to share a portion of my life’s work, and is a way of passing on some knowledge and wisdom to others. I look for your support so I can continue to upload and update this collection of material. Please consider sponsoring my work by becoming a contributing member of this website.