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Glenda Taylor ventures into some of the issues and complexities of our time, uncovering backstory that can broaden our awareness and add to our healing.

Glenda Taylor explores, with discussion, story, and history, ways that many of us us deal with disturbing social change and suggests how we may do so more creatively both to have more peace of mind and to be an active participant in creating positive change.

Glenda Taylor dives deep into the complex and fascinating history of the area along the Sabine River in the late 17th and early 18th centuries in this podcast that also highlights how important it is to sit with strong opinions or judgments long enough for complexity to reveal itself.  Glenda uses a story from her own family history as an example of how all our stories, including family experiences, traditions, and geography, contribute to shaping our opinions and actions. The podcast underscores the importance of listening to diverse perspectives, so that through open-mindedness and a willingness to understand complexity, we foster reconciliation and positive changes like equity, inclusion, and respect for diversity.  By embracing a multiplicity of narratives, we gain a more comprehensive understanding of ourselves, others, and the world around us.

Glenda Taylor reflects on her experiences throughout her long life in search of open-mindedness and the ability to convince others.

Glenda Taylor contemplates the mythic dimensions of recent events in her life and in the culture around her.

I stepped outside this morning with my phone to record what I was thinking and feeling, and later decided to send it on “as is,” without editing.  I hope you enjoy not only my voice but also the sounds of life outdoors here at Earthsprings today, in springtime, on an important day in my life.

Glenda Taylor attempts to put into words the experience she had in a meditation during winter storms, pandemic, political mayhem, and loved ones in crisis, hoping to convey her sense of peace and healing to others.

Early Morning Words

Glenda Taylor reflects on the power of certain words and phrases that just “come to mind.,” particularly with reference to recent events in our world.

Coming to the Surface

Glenda Taylor reflects on the things coming to the surface in our culture today and ponders the underworld of our psyches with all its mystery, dangers, and beauty.

Second Podcast for Grandma Glenda’s Kids of All Ages

In this second of a series of podcasts for kids (of all ages) during this pandemic, Grandma Glenda Taylor tells the ancient story of Queen Berta of France as an example of what “superpowers” one can acquire during times of disappointment and isolation.

A Podcast for Grandma Glenda’s Kids of All Ages

“Grandma Glenda” Taylor tells stories and talks with kids about how they can gain superpowers from this pandemic time.  In this podcast, she explores the legendary story of Parsifal’s hero’s journey.

“Years ago, I went once a month to a maximum security prison for men…”  Thus begins this podcast in which Glenda Taylor draws lessons that apply to today’s social and political challenges.

Glenda Taylor reflects on current and historical divisions that threaten our country’s union, recalling an instructive backstory about the first man in history to define freedom in the ways that we think of it.

Glenda Taylor shares a story from history that speaks to the issues of social justice today, focusing on the challenges of living up to our core values in the midst of conflict, even conflict within.


Glenda Taylor reflects on the way one important individual dealt with inequality and the ambiguity of the means to change it.

Glenda Taylor reflects on the practice of listening, especially now, to all the voices demanding and needing to be heard

In this podcast, Glenda Taylor recalls a quiet elder’s voice that can speak to us today during this pandemic.

Glenda Taylor reflects on the meaning of mothering and of Mother Life in this time of global pandemic.

Glenda Taylor explores the importance of sacred humor and crazy wisdom to enlarge our perspective during dark and dangerous times.

Glenda Taylor, in a discussion of three recent encounters, reflects on the current state of polarity, chaos, and violence in our country.

Suggestions on writing from an award winning editor!

Wholeness includes paradox and ambiguity, as we discover in traditional spiritual sources, although this is often ignored in contemporary religious teachings.

A thoughtful, poetic meditation on the natural of reality, incorporating mythic themes along with scientific notions, a sweeping voice for wholeness.

Some faces of the archetypal feminine

A powerful personal remembrance concerning race relations

Exploring the tension between individuality and the need for connection

Glenda Taylor reflects on what she calls “hollowing,” within nature and within our souls, and considers what is gained thereby.

Glenda Taylor reflects on current events in the light of wisdom teachings that may heal the damaging splits in our cultural life

A walk  along the sandy road through the forest reveals tracks of insight.

Glenda Taylor reflects on the possibility of renewal in the aftermath of tornadoes, deaths, social change, drawing on the wisdom of numerous poets and sages.

Using a Hopi Creation Story, Glenda Taylor explores resonance and music as instruments of creation and harmony in ourselves and in our world.

A consideration of the rich values of diversity by Glenda Taylor

A consideration of wildness, wolves, and a spirit dog, by Glenda Taylor

Glenda Taylor describes some of the important moments in her long life when she was given powerful instructions about sharing her authentic self.

Glenda Taylor reflects on the meaning and impact of love in our lives in dealing with depression and despair.

Considered from the vantage point of age, Glenda Taylor reflects on the values to be gained in different stages of life.

Glenda Taylor reflects on the trap of inflated attitudes toward victimization and offers suggestions for healing and wholeness.

Glenda Taylor reflects on the amazing beauty and generosity of the cycles of being taking place around us in every moment, there for us when we are listening and paying attention.

Glenda Taylor reflects on the questions of boundaries and edges as they affect us individually and as a society.

Glenda Taylor reflects on the questions we all ultimately come back to, touching poetically on wholeness, boundaries, mystery, and meaning.

Glenda Taylor shares a story with a lovely connection to today’s experience when springtime comes on in beauty despite whatever challenges face us.