Dictionary Definitions:

Latin: Videre: To see

Some of its derivatives:

Visible: Can be seen with the eye or evident to the mind; on hand.

Vision: 1} Act or power to see with the eye
2} Something not seen with the eye, supernatural
3} Mental image, imaginative contemplation
4} ability to perceive something not actually visible
5} force or power of imagination
6} something (especially woman) of extraordinary beauty

Revise: To correct or improve, to change or amend

Revision: Act or process or work of revising

Envision: To imagine something not yet in existence; to picture it in the mind.

Visionary: 1} Seeing visions
2} Impractical ideas or schemes
3} not real, imaginary
4} not capable of being carried out, speculative, impractical
5} person who has impractical or fantastic ideas or schemes


Prompts for Meditation, with Glenda Taylor  CC2.0