Online Video Course:  In Defense of Civilization

In this eight-part video course, Glenda Taylor challenges us to look at our current world situation in the light of ancient wisdom—the Greek myths of Ares, the god of war, and Athena, the defender of civilization.

Two powerful conflicting tendencies within the human psyche are examined in the course–the impulse that tends toward controversy and aggression, or the impulse toward maintaining peaceful and civilized relationships.

Lessons include eight videos in which viewers will encounter commentary by ancient and modern interpreters of these archetypal motifs, ventures into history and psychology, and hundreds of images created by the finest artists of all times, all helping to deepen our experience.

Each video is followed by supplementary material, including commentary by people like James Hillman, Plato, Edith Hamilton, Hesiod, Joseph Campbell and others, as well as a look at these issues through the lenses of other cultures’ myths, questions and suggestions for reflection or discussion, an opportunity to interact with the course instructor, Glenda Taylor, and much more.

Online Course:  Taoism

This self-paced course will examine the history and practice of the ancient Chinese way of life called Taoism.  You will be given information about Taoism, along with questions and suggestions for contemplation and meditation.  Additionally, you will receive suggestions for activities that will hopefully deepen the material presented as you make it personal in your own experience.  Click above link- Taoism.

New Courses Coming Soon!!

Glenda Taylor is busy working on digitizing a number of workshop courses she has created!  Currently in the works is an online video course “Descent to the Underworld.”  Check back here for the lists of latest course offerings.  You can also sign up for email or text messages of new content or scheduled activities.