As we enter the salad days of summer, I offer a few of my favorite salad and salad dressing recipes that many have enjoyed at Earthsprings Retreat Center.  Click on any of the links below for the recipes.

Variation is one of the delights of salad making, indeed of cooking in general.  Most of these recipes can be elaborated in various ways to accommodate dietary tastes and restrictions.  By now, salad bars at Earthsprings provide “do it yourself” additions, including nuts, fruits, cheeses, berries, boiled eggs, etc.  These can be added to many of the recipes included here.  But I offer you my basics and hope you enjoy.

And, oh, by the way, just for fun for those on a diet, here’s the tiny amount of calories in some of the healthy things in your salad:

2 leaves of romaine ———5 calories
3 leaves iceberg————–6 calories
3 leaves bib——————-4 calories
1 stalk celery——————6 calories
1 slice onion——————-7 calories
2 radishes———————3 calories
½ of a green pepper———-7 calories
1 slice of tomato—————8 calories
½ cup shredded cabbage—-12 calories

Happy summer!