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“Every real relation with a being or life in the world is exclusive.  Its Thou is freed, steps forth, is single, and confronts you.  It fills the heavens.”  Martin Buber

“But whenever the sentence “I see the tree” is so uttered that it no longr tells of a relation between the man—I—and the three—thou–, it establishes the perception of the tree as object by the human consciousness, the barrier between subject and object has been set up.  The primary word I-It, the word of separation, has been spoken.”  Martin Buber

“In the seriousness of all truth, hear this:  without It man cannot live.  But he who lives with It alone is not a man.”  Martin Buber

“All real living is meeting.” Martin Buber

“The spirit is truly “in its own realm” if it can confront the world that is unlocked to it, give itself to this world, and in its relation with it save both itself and the world.”  Martin Buber

“Only he who believes in the world is given power to enter into dealings with it, and if he givews himself to this he cannot remain godless  If only we love the real world, that will not let itself be extinguished, really in its horror, if only we venture to surround it with the arms of our spirit, our hands will meet hand that grip them.”  Martin Buber

“I know nothing of a “world” and a “life in the world” that might separate a man from God.  …He who truly goes out to meet the world goes out also to God.”  Martin Buber

“God is the Being that is directly, most nearly, and lastingly, over against us, that may properly only be addressed, not expressed.” Martin Buber

“If I face a human being as my Thou, and say the primary word I-Thou o him, he is not a thing among things, and does not consist of things. “Martin Buber

Image Credit: Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons, Martin_Buber_portrait.jpg