I’m slowly dissolving
into the Void. While others
are spending years sitting
upright on hard cushions,
striving not to strive
to achieve mindlessness,
I’m getting it for free
by merely ageing, you see.
I step into the shower, say, and,
warm water streaming over me,
I close my eyes and soon know
only deliciousness, any other
awareness utterly gone, gone.
Only after some timeless time do I
seep back into myself to notice
I could have been anywhere,
or nowhere, I’ve been gone,
dissolved into that Void
of deliciousness that comes
more and more often,
on the massage table, say,
between “Ohh” and “Ahh,”
or at a meal, say, savoring, or
just before sleep, or in an embrace.
I dissolve, forgetful of all else.
more and more, I’m forgetting.
Like salt in warm water,
like fuel in a furnace,
like ice on hot stones,
my acute hyper-vigilance,
my abundant IQ,
my reason and intellect
and emotional wherewithal
are day by day melting away,
into the space between sighs.

Ageing’s not so bad it seems.
Same as enlightenment, only simpler.

Glenda Taylor