‘Remember that sometimes to change your mind is just as astute as to be able to discern the right course without advice.’  Marcus Aurelius

‘Before each action think: shall I have no reason to repent it afterwards?’  Marcus Aurelius

‘Virtue and wickedness exist, not as emotions and thoughts, but as actions.’  Marcus Aurelius

‘The things that affect us stand outside us. Change your attitude and then, as a ship entering harbour, you shall find calm.’  Marcus Aurelius

‘Anger and indignation against things which cross you will but make you a laughing stock.’  Marcus Aurelius

‘When wronged, step back to consider whether you are not sometimes guilty of the same thing.’  Marcus Aurelius

‘Why would one want the applause of fools?’ Marcus Aurelius

‘Where you live matters little for the world is but one place.’ Marcus Aurelius

‘A person cannot anywhere retire better than into their own soul.’ Marcus Aurelius

‘Nothing in the past or future can harm you, only that which is present.’ Marcus Aurelius

‘You consist of three things only, your body, your life, your mind; only the last is subject wholly to your control. All else is mere smoke.’ Marcus Aurelius

‘Submit to providence. You have no choice, so do it with dignity.’ Marcus Aurelius

‘She is more beautiful and successful than me. So does she bear life’s setbacks with greater composure?’  Marcus Aurelius

‘Don’t lie in bed, get up and do that which you were put here for.’  Marcus Aurelius