…”Let us examine…how this shift to a deeper self, a transpersonal self, might occur. As the individual begins to reflect on his life through the eyes of the archetypes and mythological images common to mankind, his awareness may begin to shift to a more universal perspective. He is looking at himself not through his own eyes, which are in some ways prejudiced, but through the eyes of the collective human spirit–a different view indeed! He is no longer exclusively preoccupied with his own personal vantage point. In fact, if this process quickens correctly, his identity, his very self, expands qualitatively to these more or less global dimensions, and his soul becomes saturated with depth. He is no longer exclusively identified with just his ego or centaur, and thus he is no longer suffocated by purely personal problems and dramas. In a sense he can let go of his individual concerns and view them with a creative detachment, realizing that whatever problems his personal self faces, his deeper self transcends them to remain untouched, free, and open.  He finds, haltingly at first but then with an ever-increasing certainty, a quiet source of inner strength that persists unperturbed, like the depths of the ocean, even though the surface waves of consciousness are swept with torrents of pain, anxiety, or despair… Thus, to the extent primal resistance dissolves, your separation from the world also dissolves. There spontaneously comes a deep and total surrender of resistance, of the unwillingness to gaze upon the present in all its forms, and thus a complete dissolution of the primary boundary you erected between inside and outside….No longer do we wave jump, for there’s only one wave, and it’s everywhere….The Eternal Now is its movements. The ocean waves surge freely against the shore, wetting the pebbles and shells.”

Ken Wilber, From No Boundaries, pages 127, 128, 159.