water circle

Oh, Thou…

known by many names
in all times and places,
Thou art

beyond all names and places,
beyond all distinctions and directions,
beyond inward and outward,

even beyond knowing,
for knowing requires
knower and known,
a division illusory,
since Oneness
is necessarily both knower and known.

One who knows that
is beyond all that,
beyond thatness itself,

And, thus, since Being Itself
is One, without limitation,

what’s to stop
this One from
being, within Itself, whatever
imaginable and unimaginable
attributes and limitations,
distinctions, expansions, retractions;

what’s to prevent this One from
within itself creating, dissolving,
evolving, devolving,
dancing, falling,
weeping, laughing,
with delight, shame, fear, courage,
remorse, love, guilt, hope, whatever,
oh whatever,

being thus All Things and still NoThing.
leaving nothing out.

And, oh, now, even now,
this Beingness
calling itself me,
in momentary, elusive self-awareness,
finds words arising,
calling themselves prayer,
and exclaims, in awe,

Oh… Thou!

Glenda Taylor, 2022