A quote from Gerald Hausman: “Recently a Native American friend said, ‘We are all carriers of water now. Carriers in the desert. We cannot drop even a drop. We must share what we have with everyone. This is the challenge beyond measure.’ In reaching out through the universality of myth, we should hope to turn hate into love. It is time to stop separating and begin incorporating. Myths and legends, like mountains and rivers, are not things that ought ever to be bought and sold. Nor can they be owned. For as an eighteenth-century elder once said, ‘The blanket is for all to sit upon.’ And as another elder said, ‘If the Great Spirit is always listening, so, my brothers, might we.’ …As carriers of water in the desert, we have a great and immeasurable task ahead of us. Let us, each and all, do the carrying well, and not argue about whose hands are on the water jar.”