Descent to the Underworld

This video course explores the modern implications of the myth of Persephone, the most revered spiritual power in Greece for thousands of years.  More than a mere “seasonal story,” Persephone’s journey is rich with psychological and spiritual depth. Dramatic changes in circumstances forced Persephone to learn to move between worlds and between levels of consciousness, and to find life-affirming value in all of them.

In our world today, when we, like Persephone, can feel overtaken by changes so devastating that they require a radical transformation of consciousness, the seven videos and the varied supplemental materials in this self-paced course allow us to reflect on ways that we too can move safely between levels of consciousness, dealing with loss and sorrow as well as renewal and rebirth.

The goal of the course is to show the relevance of these fascinating stories, images, and ideas to each of our lives, revealing time-tested strategies and values that are vitally important today.

Demeter Mourning Persephone, Evelyn de Morgan, via Wikimedia, Public Domain

Descent to the Underworld  lessons include commentary by ancient and modern interpreters of these archetypal motifs, ventures into history and psychology, as well as hundreds of images created by the finest artists of all times, all helping to deepen our experience.

Videos are about eight to ten minutes in length. Each video is followed by supplementary material, including a look at these issues through the lenses of other cultures’ myths, questions and suggestions for reflection or discussion, and an opportunity to interact with the course instructor, Glenda Taylor.

Glenda Taylor has written,  lectured, and given workshops

on this and similar subjects in

psychology,  cross-cultural mythology, and spirituality

for more than fifty years. 

Join her now in exploring this vital theme!


Each video is about ten minutes in length.

Lesson One: Video, Introduction, Demeter and Persephone

Lesson One: Supplementary Material, Demeter as Mother

Lesson Two: Video, A Naïve Persephone on the Edge of Danger

Lesson Two: Supplementary Material, Narcissus and Echo

Lesson Three: Video, Descent to Hades

Lesson Three: Supplemental Material, Some Non-Greek Versions of the Underworld

Lesson Four:  Video, Demeter’s Grief

Lesson Four: Supplemental Material, Who was Hecate that Observed the Abduction

Lesson Five: Video, Eating of the Fruit of the Underworld

Lesson Five: Supplemental Material, Hermes, Psychopomp and Guide

Lesson Six: Video, The Return

Lesson Six: Supplemental Material, The Lure of the Depths, Depression and Addiction

Lesson Seven: Video, Conclusion and The Eleusinian Mysteries, Their Meaning in Our Lives

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Interact with Course Instructor: 

You will have the possibility of interacting with the course instructor at any point to elaborate your own insights and ideas.

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