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Wholeness includes paradox and ambiguity, as we discover in traditional spiritual sources, although this is often ignored in contemporary religious teachings.

A thoughtful, poetic meditation on the natural of reality, incorporating mythic themes along with scientific notions, a sweeping voice for wholeness.

Some faces of the archetypal feminine

A powerful personal remembrance concerning race relations

Exploring the tension between individuality and the need for connection

Glenda Taylor reflects on what she calls “hollowing,” within nature and within our souls, and considers what is gained thereby.

Glenda Taylor reflects on current events in the light of wisdom teachings that may heal the damaging splits in our cultural life

A walk  along the sandy road through the forest reveals tracks of insight.

Glenda Taylor reflects on the possibility of renewal in the aftermath of tornadoes, deaths, social change, drawing on the wisdom of numerous poets and sages.

Using a Hopi Creation Story, Glenda Taylor explores resonance and music as instruments of creation and harmony in ourselves and in our world.

A consideration of the rich values of diversity by Glenda Taylor

A consideration of wildness, wolves, and a spirit dog, by Glenda Taylor

Glenda Taylor describes some of the important moments in her long life when she was given powerful instructions about sharing her authentic self.

Glenda Taylor reflects on the meaning and impact of love in our lives in dealing with depression and despair.

Considered from the vantage point of age, Glenda Taylor reflects on the values to be gained in different stages of life.

Paradox is at the heart of most spiritual traditions, a fact unfortunately often misunderstoood or ignored.

Times of great change require our courage and can bring out our creativity.

  Sharing our stories in safe and sacred circle can be powerful and healing for all concerned.

 Country and courage